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2B Claims has a specific business model that focuses on the commercial auto and general liability claim management process.

With over 20 active clients, including several major national insurers, we provide claims handling services as a third-party administrator and as a claims overflow facility where we complement insurer claim operations by providing claims services on a per claim basis when workloads become demanding.

For some of our clients we are completely immersed in their claim process and handle claims within their claims system and follow best practices they have established for themselves. As an “FNOL to close” claim handler 2B Claims third-party administration provides professional claims services for all phases of the claim and works independently. We have authority to make decisions and resolve claims according to the client’s requirements and prepare claim payments in their system for issue without oversight by them.

For other insurers we have become their “pressure relief valve” for their own claim operations. When they are unable to handle volume and need a trusty resource to handle claims, they turn to 2B Claims. We receive their claim assignments and handle part, or all the claim according to their best practices and guidelines. We regularly report our progress through captioned reports that have been specially designed to provide a summary of the claim and contain attachments with full claim detail. Our customers can quickly follow the progress of the claim or study the detail in the attachments if they wish.

We charge for our services on a time and expense basis and are an efficient and effective resource for either full claim administration or occasional claim assignment.
In 2017 we adjusted over 7500 claims across the United States involving commercial auto and general liability, our specialties. We also handle other lines of business utilizing our staff of highly capable claim professionals.

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